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PDR Training with Dentrix Au Pty Ltd
Your success is our business 

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  • Take control of your career

  • Travel the world

  • Be your own boss

  • Put your top earning potential in your hands

  • Unrivalled experience in teaching PDR, for some of the largest vehicle factories and manufactures in the world.

      IE: Bentley, Fords, Jaguar Landrover.

  • You want training for Hail Repair, It's what we do.


  • You want training for mobile dent repair, we've done it.

  • All students are trained by one of the most experienced PDR techs in Australia with over 38 years of teaching and working in the PDR industry.

  • A no bull and open approach to success in the PDR industry.

  • Tried and tested training techniques.

  • Free ongoing support and advice for all students for life.

Try Before You Buy:
All are welcome to visit us at our workshops in Brisbane for an unconditional, no obligation taster session. Try your hand at PDR and see if this is the career vocation for you prior to booking onto any PDR training course.
It is very important to us, that you do not fail or make life unnecessarily hard for yourself. Take your time and get it right from the very start.

Meet the Teacher: Click here


What do you get on our courses 

Week 1 (Make no mistake, you can become a dent technician with this course.)

  • Intro to the industry, tools and techniques.

  • Both bar and brace tool instruction.

  • How to use reflection and distance.

  • Locating your tool

  • Shadow chasing, NO BULK PATTERNS, you will be shown how to read the dent.

  • Brief introduction to side panels

  • Basic glue pulling and blending, both slide hammer and mini lifter.

      $5500.00 INC GST


Book weeks 1 and 2 to qualify for the discounted rate of $9995.00 INC GST (contact for details and conditions)


Week 2 (For those that want to accelerate there journey into becoming a full fledged pdr technician)

  • Advanced dents e.g. crowns, creases, edges etc.

  • Advanced blending, large hammer work.

  • Intensive side panel work.

  • Intrusion and impact braces and how to work around them.

  • Advanced glue pulling.

  • Aluminium experience. This is becoming a major part of modern vehicles, a must for a full  time pdr technician.

      $5500.00 INC GST


Book weeks 1 and 2 to qualify for the discounted rate of $9995.00 INC GST (contact for details and conditions)


Life time ongoing support for both courses no matter what.

No bulls**t tool kits, don’t be coerced into buying unnecessary tools.

Be advised and talk openly on what you really need to do the job.

Tools are very personal, very rarely do pre set kits fit, there's no one size fits all.










Choosing the right PDR Training Company for you.


Whether you are considering a complete change of career or wanting to upgrade your existing PDR skills, with so many options and different advice on PDR training, it is vital that you research any training company very carefully.

The company credentials are paramount. Their reputation and experience, their success rate within the PDR industry, their attention to detail in teaching and repairs plus the success rate of previous trainees. After all, their success is the training companies’ success.

When contacting a PDR training company, it is important and if possible, to visit the training venue and

personally meet the technician who will be teaching you.

A good PDR training company will offer you a taster session where you will be able to try your hand before making any decisions, this should be free of charge.

Ask for a demonstration from your trainer personally removing a dent for you. After all, it’s their skill and experience you are paying for.

Be prepared. Ask questions and raise any concerns you may have regarding the training course. Taking notes can be beneficial.

We cannot emphasise enough how important it is that you feel comfortable and happy before you make a commitment in booking onto a course.

It is so important that, only the most focused student with adequate physical condition attends. This is a concentrated PDR training course, good hand to eye coordination and 20/20 correctable vision is required (glasses or contact lenses are fine) PDR is physical, demanding and requires adequate good health.


No previous experience in the motor industry is necessary for you to consider PDR as your next career choice, and if you have worked or do work in car wash, detailing, mechanical, body shop, smash repair or the panel beating industry already, why not upskill and add PDR to your arsenal?



Thanks for taking the time to read this page, if you are interested in my PDR training or would like to visit us at our workshops in Brisbane for our no obligation taster session, please feel free to contact me, I am more than happy to help.

Contact: John

Mobile: 0426 697 890


Darren Bennett – Queensland – Australia.

John was great, very helpful and really knows what he’s talking about. You are taught to think about how to approach dent removal on any panel. I would recommend Dentrix PDR training to anybody thinking of entering this trade, very honest and helpful.  Read More

Cain Skelton – Switzerland.

After a lot of research, 99.9% want to rip people off and sell them anything. I’m just glad that there is the 0.1% (Dentrix) who exists, to give people what they really need and tell it like it is. Best of the best!! Everything I expected and more. I wanted to be pushed, even further than my abilities, John did just that. I’ve found new friends and I will certainly be keeping in touch. John has helped me to start making a better life for me and my family. Top Guy!! The best move I’ve ever made and I’m so excited to get stated. Thank you so much for everything. Roll on the Hail Storms!  Read More

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