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Here is just a few of the many reviews that we have had over the last 38 years.

Dentrix Audio Testimony - Andrew Stopper

Darren Bennett – Queensland – Australia.

John was great, very helpful and really knows what he’s talking about. You are taught to think about how to approach dent removal on any panel. I would recommend Dentrix PDR training to anybody thinking of entering this trade, very honest and helpful.

Steve Brookes – Bentley Motors UK (Factory)

Had a brilliant time with John, massive eye opener to the techniques involved in PDR. John explained all aspects brilliantly, so that even though difficult, I was able to get a good idea and good basic techniques. I would highly recommend to anyone who has a view to learning PDR, but only if you want to learn the right way!

Barry Pincolmbe – Abu Dhabi – UAE

Great course, excellent staff. I thought the course was very professionally run and would highly recommend the training to others who are considering getting into the PDR industry. John is an excellent trainer – very good at explaining techniques and guiding students in the right directions.


Dene Pennington – Ford Factory, Southampton UK

For a skill that is difficult to master in such a short time John was very informative. An excellent course that leaves you itching to do your first real dent. Makes you want to achieve perfection.

Mark Preston – Isle of Man.

11 out of 10 for John, after speaking to John on the phone and looking at the website, he does exactly what is says on the tin. Dentrix earns its money removing dents, not by selling PDR courses or tools.


David Sailes – Vauxhall Motors Ellesmere Port, UK (Factory)

I learnt a lot very quickly due to a very knowledgeable, experienced instructor. John made you feel at ease and encouraged a lot, he is always very positive.

Wayne Fisher – France.

John is easy to work with and has a great personality, importing the information in an easy and fun way. I just wish he didn’t make it look so bl***y easy!!!!


Steve White – Scotland.

To be honest I found the course to be harder than I thought it would be. John is amazing at what he does and I can only hope to be as good as him, I know with practice there is no reason why I can’t be. John seems to be a straight up bloke and gives good advice, very professional and helpful to the point of going out of his way to help you, which is very rare these days. I think and hope this has been money well spent and feel confident that out of all the training providers out there, I was lucky enough to have found the right one.


Gary Donlan – Queensland – Australia

John was excellent. The training course was what I hoped it would be and more. John is a genuinely nice person and the training atmosphere was very informal and relaxed. Thanks

Cain Skelton – Switzerland.

After a lot of research, 99.9% want to rip people off and sell them anything. I’m just glad that there is the 0.1% (Dentrix) who exists, to give people what they really need and tell it like it is. Best of the best!! Everything I expected and more. I wanted to be pushed, even further than my abilities, John did just that. I’ve found new friends and I will certainly be keeping in touch. John has helped me to start making a better life for me and my family. Top Guy!! The best move I’ve ever made and I’m so excited to get stated. Thank you so much for everything. Roll on the Hail Storms!


Jose Mendes – Portugal

For me, I’m not British, the language was not a problem. John trainer teach with perfection on this industry. I want to thank you for the way you share your experience as a PDR man and a business man.


Chris Stephenson – Bentley Motors UK (Factory)

I found the training very good. John had plenty of time to explain things properly, IE: If you do this then this will happen


Andreas Roditis - Greece

Everything was excellent!!!


James Sanford – Cyprus

John has a fantastic way of training; he doesn’t give you any false ideas of PDR. There are no frills in this business, he tells you exactly how it is. I thought this was fantastic. Monday is definitely “OH SH*T MONDAY” I do not expect the course to be like this, it was relaxed but straight to the point.


Andy Chesters – Vauxhall Motors - Ellesmere Port, UK (Factory)

John was able to attain everyone’s skill level, strength and weakness, and then build on these accordingly. It is a very laidback and friendly environment; there is no pressure on anyone. I’ve had a great time on this course and feel I have learnt new techniques. I would recommend. Cheers John.

Pete Ashworth – Malta

I found the course very enjoyable, learnt a lot which I think will give me a good start in PDR. Many thanks John.

Todor Petrov – Poland

You do not need to be a PDR technician to see that John is a top professional in every aspect, as a person and as a trainer. John made it possible to work in a pleasant atmosphere, I would like to mention that he was exceptionally open about every aspect of the technicalities. He is the one to go to  if you are considering acquiring these skills, although you do need to have the feel for it! Should you invest? Absolutely! You’ll have no regrets. What John will show you, may take you years to learn by yourself, Well, he done it in 1 week!! Thanks John!

Dave Martlew – Vauxhall Motors - Ellesmere Port, UK (Factory)

I found the course both interesting and informative. John quickly assessed people’s skill levels and then lead us as individuals, which was good because we had some with experience. A huge range of PDR tools and John’s knowledge of the PDR world was extremely helpful.

Chris Kusi – Ghana.

John is a very good trainer with a lot of experience, he has made me understand PDR techniques using basic tools, reflections and observation. He never made us use any specific tool which made us find the right tools for us and of our own choice. 

John has been very encouraging and down to earth which put me in the right frame of mind. I thought PDR was not for me, now I am confident that I am able to do PDR.


Alfred Chircop - Malta

This course was more than I ever expected and there was not a moment when I didn’t like it. John is a great teacher who answered any questions asked. For me, it was a great experience and would do it again if I had too!! I will recommend it to anyone. Thanks.


Trevor Wright – Midlands UK

Hope you’re well, just a quick email to let you know that I’m doing excellent with the dents and have been for a while now. I’ve totally mastered the job with big and small dents and I am so natural at it now after a lot of hard work, the lads I thought were excellent can’t touch my quality now, and my business has snowballed into something far bigger than I ever imagined. A big thanks to you for your superb training, hope to hear from you soon.
Cheers Trev


Mark Rennie – Co Durham UK

I rang and spoke to John on several occasions prior to booking, always friendly and helpful. Genuinely could not fault! The training venue has everything you need, John’s abilities are absolutely outstanding. Over the phone he told me he could take the orange peel out of paint, I thought, yeah whatever!! He really can! Unbelievable to watch him work. As a teacher, very patient and takes time out to help each individual. Nothing is a problem. I had doubts as anyone who was paying for the course would. If you are serious about PDR, this training course is a must! Money very well spent. I knew before I arrived that it was going to be hard, I have had a week of very mixed emotions. Literally highs and lows (excuse the pun!) I would watch John intently, making mental notes, eyes watching, ears listening and brain thinking yeah! I thought, I can do that, get the tools in your hands and it all goes to buggery!! It really took until Thursday and just a helpful hint from John while doing my test, things came together for me. I know you could fault my test work but for me it was the best I had done. It’s then you realise what John has been trying to teach you. It takes absolute patience, concentration and determination. I am totally satisfied with the knowledge I am going home with. Thank you.

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